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Eagle : BEYOND Episode 4 // DO or DIE – Now Live
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VIRGINIA BEACH, Virginia – Eagle Industries, a leader in the outdoor and military gear space for over 30 years, announced today that it has released the fourth edition of its cinematic series Eagle : BEYOND. The new episode, titled DO or DIE, is the latest episode of the series that focuses on top-tier military personnel who are taking their experience, training and gear to the next level in their post-service lives.

Episode 4 : DO or DIE is centered on Andrew Arrabito, retired Navy SEAL and founder of Half Face Blades. Whether jumping off cliffs, speargun fishing or simply working to improve his next knife design, Arrabito is a firm believer in the value of experiencing things firsthand.

“If you don’t know that there’s more to know, you’re gonna be stagnant. You don’t know everything – there’s always more to learn and that goes along with experiences. How do you get better if you don’t go do? And if you’re not getting better, you’re dying.” – Andrew Arrabito

Arrabito’s Eagle : BEYOND episode gives viewers a look at how adversity, when used correctly, can allow you to accomplish great things. Andrew’s focus on “longevity” and living life for those who have passed is an inspiring story that teaches the value of caring for others more than yourself. By focusing on doing right by others, Andrew shows how he formed a healthy lifestyle while also never failing to take life’s biggest adventures head on.

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