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CamelBak® Wins ENDURO Mountainbike Magazine Design & Innovation Award 2016

PETALUMA, Calif. – CamelBak®, the global leader in personal hydration, wins the Enduro Magazine Design & Innovation Award for the second year in a row. The award for 2016 goes to the CamelBak Skyline 10LR and is the pinnacle pack within the brand new Low Rider collection.

The Low Rider collection is specifically designed for mountain biking to maximize stability and lower the center of gravity on the rider. CamelBak created brand new designs for 2016 based on their widely successful Lumbar Reservoir-based packs, which move not only the water weight lower and more securely around the rider’s hips, but also move the cargo capacity lower. With a lower center of gravity due to increased weight transfer to the rider’s hips rather than shoulders, the upper portion of the pack allows much of the riders back to breathe and move freely for technical terrain and aggressive riding.

“Receiving this award validates our commitment to innovate mountain bike pack technology with our launch of the Low Rider collection,” said Jon Austen, Senior Director of Product Management at CamelBak. “Mountain bike riders are continuing to see the benefit of a lower center of gravity by repositioning weight low and around their hips. The Low Rider collection is specially designed to carry all of the gear and water riders need in a lower and more stable way and we are proud Enduro Magazine helped us celebrate this benefit.”

CamelBak also incorporated a removable tool roll that is housed in a specified pocket for easy access making repairs fast and easy, as well as the addition of straps for carrying soft armor or extra gear outside of the pack. The Low Rider packs come equipped with the Magnetic Tube Trap for easy drinking and fast tube securing between sips. The Low Rider collection includes three new packs, Skyline 10LR™, Solstice 10LR™ and Palos 4LR™. All three are currently available globally.

The Skyline 10LR™ (MSRP $130) comes equipped with a 3L/100oz. Antidote Lumbar Reservoir with Quick Link and carries 7 additional liters of cargo for a total capacity of 10L. Features include lumbar compression webbing for maximum stability of the reservoir, magnetic tube trap, dual waist belt pockets, removable tool roll, helmet hooks and a fleece-lined goggle/media pocket.

The Solstice 10LR™ (MSRP $130) has the same features as the Skyline 10LR listed above, but is designed specifically for women with an S-curved harness featuring soft-touch fleece lined binding for comfort when riding with sleeveless jerseys or tank tops.

The Palos 4LR™ (MSRP $75) is the industry’s first reservoir-based waist pack designed specifically for mountain biking. This minimalist design houses a 1.5L/50oz. reservoir and carries an additional 2.5L of cargo for a total of 4L including dual waist belt pockets. The magnetic tube trap makes drinking easy and fast while the lumbar compression webbing keeps the water weight stable throughout the ride. Rather than a removable tool roll as found on the Skyline 10LR and Solstice 10LR, the Palos 4LR has a built-in, deployable tool roll that doubles as overflow storage for a spare tube or lightweight layer.

Like all CamelBak products, the Low Rider collection is covered by CamelBak’s Got Your Bak™ Lifetime Guarantee.