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Federal Premium Launches 20-Gauge 3rd Degree at 2016 SHOT Show

ANOKA, Minnesota – Federal Premium® Ammunition is pleased to announce its launch of a 20-gauge 3rd Degree turkey load at the 2016 SHOT Show.

Federal Premium solved an age-old turkey-hunting conundrum in 2015 by unveiling

3rd Degree, an innovative shotshell that, unlike its competitors, bettered the odds of connecting with a tom both near and far.

By adding a 3-inch, 1 7/16-ounce, 20-gauge load to the existing 12-gauge line,

Federal Premium offers hunters another option optimally suited for engaging birds that come in on a string, hang up at distance, or go anywhere in between.

Key to 3rd Degree’s effectiveness is its multi-shot, three-stage, non-buffered payload. No. 6 FLITESTOPPER lead pellets are positioned at the front and comprise 20 percent of the shot. Their non-spherical shape and cutting ring quickly force them toward the outer fringe of the shot string, creating a 60 percent larger effective pattern at 10 yards, where it can be easy to miss a gobbler with conventional loads.

Comprising 40 percent of the payload—and backing the FLITESTOPPER pellets—are No. 5 copper-plated lead shot. The plating reduces deformation for tighter patterns at a distance, and the smooth surface is less likely to wad up in feathers, enhancing penetration.

No. 7 HEAVYWEIGHT makes up the final 40 percent of the payload. The tungsten-alloy material is 35 percent denser than lead (15 grams per cc), which means the pattern-filling No. 7 pellets carry the energy of lead No. 5s. But because of their small diameter (less friction), spherical shape and weight, HEAVYWEIGHT pellets penetrate deeper than their larger lead and plated-lead counterparts. And because the hard pellets retain their spherical shape, they maintain a tight pattern core for long-range effectiveness.

SHOT Show attendees are encouraged to stop by the Vista Outdoor booth (#14551) Jan. 19-22 to learn more about this new ammunition and many more products

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