What audiences can I target when I issue a news release?

Online:  With most Internet searches beginning at search engines, directories and information portals, PR Newswire is one of the most accessed news sources on the Web. More than 5,700 Web sites, databases and online services, including Yahoo!, AOL, Bloomberg, MSN.com, CNET and Dow Jones Interactive, carry content from PR Newswire, ensuring that potential customers searching for keywords contained in your news releases will find your news.

Social Media and Bloggers:  PR Newswire automatically includes links to popular social media and blogging tools on all news releases on prnewswire.com. A news release posted to any social networking sites is made available to the millions of registered bookmarkers, which can increase a new release’s visibility tremendously. The collaborative nature of social networks and Web 2.0 extends both the reach and life of your news release online.

Media: Each release is distributed via satellite directly into the computer networks at daily newspapers, news services, magazines, television stations and radio stations. Sorting by topic, industry, ticker, geography, keyword and other criteria enables reporters and editors to quickly hone in on useful content.

Industry Trades: Releases are sent to appropriate vertical markets automatically. Trade reporters can select from a broad array of news or tightly control their selection of releases by topic or keyword to mirror their assigned beat.

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