Healthy Planet

Healthy Planet


Love Your Life. Love Our Planet.

Since 2010, we have improved our energy efficiency by an average of 15% — significant progress toward our 25% energy reduction goal
We're eliminating approximately 20,000 metric tons of CO2e per year with our LED upgrade — that's the equivalent of 2,250,000 gallons of gasoline
We're saving up to 108 million gallons of water per year by switching to low-flow showerheads — that's equal to the yearly water use of 3,300 people


From collaborating on energy-saving light bulbs and low-flow showerheads to increasing efficiencies in steam rooms, we are constantly looking for new ways to reduce the impact on the planet.

"We are committed to reducing our environmental impact by implementing advanced technologies and process improvements across our facilities."



Director of Energy Management and Sustainability, Life Time

Environmental Initiatives

Explore some of the ways we're pursuing our environmental
stewardship goals.

Harnessing the Power
of Innovation

In 2016, we partnered with manufacturers to custom engineer LED lamps that last longer, emit more light and consume up to 50% less electricity. This upgrade has saved enough energy to power 3,200 homes a year.

Retrofitting for Energy

By converting steam rooms to a "steam on demand" system, we cut energy consumption in all clubs. As a bonus, we use less eucalyptus oil, preserving our natural resources and diverting waste from landfills.

Venturing into
Renewable Energy

Solar photovoltaic (PV) systems at Westchester, New York, and Mount Laurel, New Jersey, clubs are offsetting electricity consumption by approximately 15-20%. We're also installing a PV system at our new club in Princeton, New Jersey.

Saving Water, One Drop at
a Time

In 2010, we worked with a manufacturer to replace each of our 3,000 showerheads with a low-flow, stainless steel model. The installation reduced the flow by 45% — saving enough water to fill 165 Olympic-sized pools every year.

Energy Environmental Awards
Interior Lighting Campaign (ILC)
Exemplary Retail, Food Service or
Grocery Sector Site
Advanced Roof-Top Unit Campaign
Leadership from Better Buildings, an
Office of the U.S. Department of Energy
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