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Shaping a Future Without the Harmful 7SM

The Life Time Foundation is committed to partnering with schools to feed children healthier meals they deserve. The food being served to our kids is often filled with the Harmful 7 ingredients:

  1. Trans Fats & Hydrogenated Oils
  2. High-Fructose Corn Syrup
  3. Hormones & Antibiotics
  4. Processed & Artificial Sweeteners
  5. Artificial Colors & Flavors
  6. Artificial Preservatives
  7. Bleached Flour

When we remove the Harmful 7, we're left with what's real, whole and good. We help schools remove the Harmful 7 from the food they serve by providing grants, training and education.

"When you eliminate processed and artificial ingredients, you end up with healthy food. All children deserve healthy meals and we shouldn’t settle for anything less."



Chairman, CEO and Founder, Life Time

How We Help

Fighting the Good Fight, One Meal at a Time


We award grants to school districts that are committed to eliminating the Harmful 7 ingredients. Our partners have used their funds for capital equipment, school gardens, marketing, professional development, training and more.

The Good Food Fight

Our parent advocacy program, The Good Food Fight provides our Food Warriors with a toolkit to help them take a bite out of the Harmful 7. Tools incude a Harmful 7 cheat sheet, social media toolkit, nutrition guides and recipes. Join at thegoodfoodfight.org.

Nutrition Literacy

Our in-classroom education series helps teach elementary school students about the benefits of a healthy diet of fruit, vegetables, whole grains, protein and hydration. Each lesson includes a physical activity and take-home materials. hooray4healthy.org


The Foundation Story

Learn what inspired Bahram Akradi to start the Life Time Foundation, and see how the school districts across the country are achieving our shared goal of providing healthy meals to kids.

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