Survey Shows That People Will Give Up Sex But Won’t Turn Off Their Cell Phone In Order To Lose 10 Pounds
A recent study conducted by Life Time asked “What would you give up to lose 10 pounds?”
"The problem is that it’s not that easy. Running, or any exercise by itself, has been shown to be ineffective for weight loss."

CHANHASSEN, Minn.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Life Time Fitness, Inc. (NYSE:LTM), The Healthy Way of Life Company, recently completed a survey in which respondents were asked what they would give up or endure to lose 10 pounds. More than 2,300 people, predominately female, responded and the results were staggering. Sixty four percent of respondents would not turn off their cell phone for even one day and 70% would be unwilling to give up use of the internet. In order to lose the weight, 30% of respondents said they would give up sex for one month and 10% would do so for a year or more.

Other findings showed that 65% of those polled would run one mile every day if weight loss was guaranteed. Nearly half would forego caffeine and 37% would skip one meal a day. More than 30% of respondents would pay $500 to be 10 pounds lighter and another 10% would postpone their wedding or another special event.

People are desperate to lose weight. “If running one mile each day were all it took to lose 10 pounds and it was the proven answer, people would do it,” says Tom Nikkola, Director of Nutrition and Weight Management at Life Time. “The problem is that it’s not that easy. Running, or any exercise by itself, has been shown to be ineffective for weight loss.”

Even with an exercise program in place, individuals who don’t pay attention to diet often end up eating more food, negating the weight loss benefits of exercise. Low-fat, low- calorie diets, high doses of caffeine and lifestyle stresses also hinder weight loss and are proven to be ineffective for long-term weight loss results.

“As we approach the New Year many people are thinking about weight loss and coming up with resolutions to lose weight and get results quickly,” says Tom Nikkola. “Each year in January you see an influx of people who are motivated to start living a healthier lifestyle. It’s very difficult to get someone to stop a weight loss routine if they’re getting results, but when weight doesn’t come off as quickly as people expect, they tend to give up.”

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