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President and CEO, MillerKnoll

Chief Digital Officer, MillerKnoll

Herman Miller Brand President and Chief Product Officer, MillerKnoll

Group President, MillerKnoll

President, Retail, MillerKnoll

General Counsel, MillerKnoll

Chief Technology Officer, MillerKnoll

Chief Financial Officer, MillerKnoll

Chief People Officer, MillerKnoll

President, Americas Contract, MillerKnoll

Chief Strategy Officer, MillerKnoll

Chief Global Manufacturing and Operations Officer, MillerKnoll

Chief Marketing and Communications Officer, MillerKnoll

President, International Contract, MillerKnoll


Head of Archives and Brand Heritage

Senior Manager, Supplier Diversity

Insight Program Manager 

Vice President, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Head of Design – Middle East and Africa

Director of Sustainability

VP (and operations optimizer) for Commercial Real Estate Sales

Workplace Consulting Lead

Director of Gaming

Director of Design Strategy for Placemaking Research and Insight

Workplace Well-being Knowledge Lead 

Foundation President & Executive Director of Herman Miller Cares

Insight Program Manager

Director, Herman Miller Insight Group

Vice President Global Real Estate, Architecture and Development

Workplace Well-being Knowledge Lead 

Director, Health Knowledge & Innovation

Director of New Business Incubation

Workplace Well-being Knowledge Lead

Vice President of Global Research and Insights