March 10, 2022
MillerKnoll Confirms Partnership with World Life Productions and Sponsorship for Mid-Century Modern Documentary: The Harvard 5

The Bremer House. Photo Credit: Ben Schnall

New York, N.Y.: MillerKnoll, the global modern design collective, recently confirmed partnership with World Life Productions (WLP) on their latest mid-century modern architecture and design documentary, The Harvard 5, directed and produced by Devon Chivvis.

As the premier furniture sponsor of the film, MillerKnoll has pledged a financial contribution to the film and will collaborate with WLP on events and film screenings that will include showcasing the documentary at Palm Springs Modernism Week in 2023. Chivvis will build on the relationship as a Brand Ambassador for MillerKnoll, participating in educational and design events alongside Amy Auscherman, Director, Archives and Brand Heritage at MillerKnoll.

“Honoring New Canaan’s design legacy by continuing to tell its story is strongly valued by the MillerKnoll family,” said Debbie Propst, President of Global Retail, MillerKnoll. “The headquarters for our retail business is based in the neighboring city of Stamford, Connecticut, and as a New Canaan resident myself, supporting this film and this community is close to my heart. So many of our brands are rooted in the mid-century modern ideals which stemmed from the Harvard 5, and we are thrilled to be a part of a project which will bring their remarkable story to life.”

Filmmaker Devon Chivvis states: “MillerKnoll’s endorsement of The Harvard 5 documentary is tremendously exciting. They are a perfect partner not only because of their influential position in modern design today but also because of their strong legacy in furniture and fabrics that historically Knoll created in collaboration with the Harvard 5 and other mid-century design revolutionaries.”

About the Film

The Harvard 5 will tell the personal story of five notable, mid-century modern architects and designers who ignited a design revolution to meet the changing needs and lifestyles of Americans in the post WWII era. They began this movement in the most unsuspecting place –the colonial town of New Canaan, CT. From the experimental canvas of this New England town, the groundbreaking designs and influence of these 5 men spread world-wide and helped redefine architecture, furniture, and design.

The film also will reflect on today’s strikingly similar circumstances to those that drove the American modern movement in the mid-20th century. Today the pandemic, climate change, and globalization are the driving forces behind a new, 21st century design revolution.


The last home designed by Eliot Noyes, now owned by Devon Chivvis. Photo credit: Devon Chivvis


About the Filmmaker, Devon Chivvis

Filmmaker and co-founder of WLP, Devon Chivvis brings a personal connection to the project. Chivvis grew up in the last house that Eliot Noyes designed in New Canaan, CT while her mother was raised in one of his first iconic homes. According to Chivvis, growing up “modern” was - simply put - “normal”. However, as an adult storyteller she realizes just how different her upbringing was -not only because of her family’s unique home, but also by being raised in a "modernist lifestyle”.

Chivvis brings over 20 years of experience in producing non-fiction television, film and branded content.

About World Life Productions (formerly Wild Life Productions)

World Life Productions is an award winning media production company with a global portfolio. With an emphasis on powerful storytelling, WLP’s mission-driven work focuses on television and feature documentaries, in addition to content for streamers, museums and government agencies. WLP clients and partners include TIME Studios, INC, Discovery Channel, Travel Channel, National Geographic, NOAA, NASA, Sony Pictures Television, Enron and Heineken, as well as foundations and museums, such as the Smithsonian Air & Space Museum.

About MillerKnoll

MillerKnoll is a collective of dynamic brands and one of the largest and most influential modern design companies in the world. The company is a result of a deep legacy of design, innovation, and social good. MillerKnoll was created in 2021 from the combination of Herman Miller and Knoll, and includes brands Colebrook Bosson Saunders, DatesWeiser, DWR, Edelman Leather, Fully, Geiger, HAY, Holly Hunt, KnollExtra, Knoll Office, KnollStudio, KnollTextiles, Maars Living Walls, Maharam, Muuto, naughtone, and Spinneybeck|FilzFelt. Guided by a shared vision, common values, and a steadfast commitment to design, MillerKnoll innovates and designs the future while contributing to a more equitable and sustainable future for all.

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