November 09, 2021
Eames Office Marks 80th Anniversary with Exhibition at Design Gallery Isetan The Space in Tokyo, Japan
Highlights Include Herman Miller Special Editions
Eames Modular House-1492, Eames Office, LLC

In celebration of the studio’s 80th anniversary, the Eames Office presents 80 Years of Design at Isetan’s gallery for modern and contemporary design ISETAN THE SPACE in Shinjuku Tokyo, Japan, from now through January 5, 2022. The selling exhibition will demonstrate how the optimistic philosophies and human-centered design solutions that Charles and Ray introduced are more relevant than ever through unique, rare, and vintage works, the revival of pivotal designs from the archive, and new special editions and collaborations developed with longstanding partners Herman Miller, Vitra, and Ravensburger, and new partners Globe, Reebok, and Art of Play.

Photo Credit: Tomoyuki Kusunose

The multi-faceted exhibition will explore the seminal impact of the work of the Eames Office on society across three parts: influential experimentations in Art & Technology, groundbreaking innovations in Architecture & Interiors, and the joy and wonder brought to people of all ages through designs that encourage one to Play & Learn.

From their first trip to Japan in the 1950s, and the many trips that followed, to an ongoing exchange of ideas with some of the 20th century’s most well-known Japanese designers both in Japan and in Los Angeles, Charles and Ray drew inspiration throughout their career from the country’s approach to both tradition and modernity. Voracious adventurers, Japan’s impact on their worldview and work was paramount, and solidified through a formative partnership with Isetan that dates to 1961.

Photo Credit: Tomoyuki Kusunose. Eames Lounge Chair 670 and Ottoman 671, 1956, by Charles & Ray Eames. Isetan special version: White Oak and Natural Source Leather by Maharam. Sofa Compact, 1954, by Charles & Ray Eames. Isetan special version: Gemma Multi fabric in Cabaret by Sander Lak for Maharam

In 1946, the Eames Office and Herman Miller relationship began when the company, under the influential design direction of George Nelson, began distributing, then manufacturing and marketing, the Eames furniture catalog. In celebration of their historic partnership, and the 80+ Eames Office designs that Herman Miller has put into production, the brand has developed five special edition works that honor the Eames’ dedication to material exploration. The revolutionary 1946 LCW Plywood Chair, launched by Herman Miller following the Eames molded plywood exhibition at New York’s Museum of Modern Art, will be exclusively available in a special edition duotone palisander and black. The 1950 LAR Fiberglass Chair, which pioneered the use of molded fiberglass to create an organically shaped, single-shell seat, will be presented in an Alexander Girard checker split fabric. The 1954 Sofa Compact will be available in a special edition duotone fabric from Maharam. The iconic 1956 Eames Lounge Chair and Ottoman will be available in a special edition of ten, pairing natural leather with a white oak shell. The 1960 Time-Life stool, originally designed for the Time-Life building in New York and typically crafted in solid walnut, will be available in an exclusive red-stained ash.

LAR Fiberglass Chair, 1950, by Charles & Ray Eames. Isetan special version: Checker Split fabric by Alexander Girard for Maharam

In total, the exhibition will feature over ninety works, including art, architectural models, furniture, accessories, games, books, historical material and films, and will take over ISETAN THE SPACE, the legendary gallery on the second floor of Isetan.

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