February 01, 2021
Maharam Introduces Wool

Wool is Maharam’s latest product initiative. Building upon an interest in renewable natural fibers and bringing a fresh perspective to classic textiles, Maharam is introducing a comprehensive collection of wool upholstery across three launches in 2021. This initial offering comprises ten styles guided by Maharam’s material expertise and a desire to highlight the environmental, aesthetic, and performance benefits of wool. As with other solids in the studio’s offering, Maharam wool prioritizes an extraordinary breadth of color and texture.

To achieve the unique textural range and soft hand they desired, the Maharam Design Studio worked with specialized resources in historic textile regions throughout the world. Highlighting the versatility of wool, textures range from finely tailored to felted to structured to slubbed. This variety is exemplified by classic constructions such as Roman’s robust epingle and Jasper’s architectural ribs as well as Nico and Petra’s exploration of technical and irregular surfaces, respectively. Building upon wool’s reduced environmental impact as a rapidly renewable resource, the studio opted to work with recycled content and to avoid added chemical finishes wherever possible.

An expansive palette of 400 colors was developed in response to each surface and deployed through multiple dyeing techniques for precise color blending to highlight wool’s dynamic absorption of color. This is seen in the airy cross hatch of Campana’s refined integrations of white or black fibers with solid color and Luce’s offset twill whose flecked palette derives from the post-consumer recycled wool of repurposed garments. By turn, Beck’s tailored plain weave explores painterly mixing of dyed fibers across an extensive palette.

Following the 2021 launch of Maharam’s wool initiative, the Maharam Design Studio will continue to deepen this offering with subsequent introductions.

Maharam offers a comprehensive collection of textiles for commercial and residential interiors.