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1960s - Delta enters the computer and jet age


First airline to launch Convair 880 jet service.


Flies first nonstop service from Atlanta to Los Angeles. Delta links California and the Caribbean with first jet service from California to Montego Bay and Caracas. Delta receives National Safety Award for flying more than 11 billion passenger miles without a fatality.


Delta activates the electronic SABRE system for "instant" reservations. A Delta DC-8 is the first commercial plane to fly Los Angeles-Atlanta in less than 3 hours (02:57:11).


The Deltamatic reservation system starts with IBM 7074 computers.


Delta becomes first airline to launch Douglas DC-9 service.


Delta founder C.E. Woolman dies. Charles H. Dolson becomes Delta's second CEO. Crop-dusting division ceases operations. Delta is first with Lockheed L-100 Hercules cargo service.


A reconditioned 1925 Huff Daland Duster given to the Smithsonian Institution as a memorial to C. E. Woolman, Delta founder.

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