Mar 25, 2022
Cigna Employees Volunteer to Support Ukrainian Refugees Arriving in Belgium

Millions of Ukrainians have been displaced in the continued wake of devastating attacks, which have left an estimated 18 million people in need of emergency assistance. As this difficult, tragic situation continues, many seek shelter and safety from the fighting, amid damage to buildings and key infrastructure, as well as shortages of food, water, and other essential supplies. Most families leaving Ukraine do so with very little – they face an uncertain future as they flee to neighboring countries.

As the events in Ukraine continue to evolve, Cigna employees across the globe are helping to support those who have been affected in any way they can.

Recently, Cigna Europe employees, working in close contact with Ukrainian aid organizations in Brussels, organized an employee-driven day of action to help support Ukrainian refugees arriving in Belgium. As the majority of the refugees arriving in Belgium are women and children, the group helped pack over 350 support bags – donated by Cigna Corporation – containing hygiene products, baby and child care products, and women’s sanitary items. 

Volunteers from the Cigna Antwerp office preparing to fill support bags with essential supplies.

The bags double as school backpacks, which will provide additional use as many arriving in Belgium have children who will soon start attending school locally. A number of our colleagues also pitched in personally, donating items such as baby car seats, blankets, buggies, clothes, and toys. 

Cigna volunteers deliver donated support bags to a Ukrainaian aid center in Brussels.

Cigna Europe CEO Arjan Toor and members of the executive leadership joined in alongside volunteers, helping to deliver the donated supplies to a nearby Ukrainian aid center. We thank all of our colleagues who helped in this employee-driven effort, including our Ukrainian colleagues from our Madrid office who helped with translation efforts. We also thank AD Delhaize Arendonk, who helped us to source and coordinate the donated supplies.

Pictured above: Cigna Europe CEO Arjan Toor joins the volunteer effort in the Cigna Antwerp office.  

Our hearts go out to the Ukrainian people and everyone affected by this tragic unfolding of events. We hope a peaceful resolution can soon be reached.

Check out the Antwerp team's day of action in the recap video below:

Helping Humanitarian Efforts in Ukraine

The attack on Ukraine is a difficult and tragic situation, and collectively, we are thinking of the people in harm’s way and joining all those calling for peace.

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