A journey to a healthier lifestyle begins with a phone call

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A grateful Revere woman credits nurse case managers at Blue Cross Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts with helping her make healthy choices and dramatic lifestyle changes despite significant challenges. 

“I’ve lost 45 pounds!” Lori Wright said in a recent interview. 

Wright, who has a family history of diabetes and had been battling obesity, bought a treadmill and a mini-trampoline and uses them regularly, combs Pinterest for healthy recipes, and has begun to coach her family to eat better. 

Those healthy changes were inspired by Tracey Timmins and other nurses at Blue Cross. 

Wright and Timmins were first connected when Wright called the health plan and an employee at the call center suggested she might benefit from health coaching. Wright spoke with Timmins every two weeks through a 12-week program. 

“She’s very easy to talk to,” Wright said of Timmins. “She has lots of great information and gives me motivation to keep working.” 

“I cannot take credit for this woman’s success,” Timmins insisted. “She’s done it against many barriers.” 

Those barriers include a challenging food environment at home and injuries Wright suffered when she was hit by a car while walking to work. 

“Tracey helped me stay on course even though I couldn’t work out due to knee injuries,” Wright recalled. 

When Wright experienced anxiety over her injuries and lost time from work and at the gym, Timmins looped in Blue Cross behavioral health counselor Yvonne Roth—creating a team approach that has helped Wright maintain her healthy lifestyle. 

Tracey also connected Wright with Nancy Dowling, a dietician at the health plan, who has provided guidance on a more nutritious diet as well as tips and tricks for avoiding temptation. 

Today, Wright says she is “watching the sweets,” drinking water instead of soda, and walking part of the way to her job at the Marshalls in Revere. 

 Timmins is confident Wright will remain committed to a healthier lifestyle. 

“We gave Lori the tools she needs to remain active, eat better, and handle stress,” Timmins said. “I’m honored to be a part of her journey.”